Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Happy Holidays

I will be working several hours over the next few days, so I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and an Outstanding 2016!  If things go as planned, I'll have a new tablet soon, and I'll be visiting with you much more often.  In the meantime, enjoy your holidays!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

PLEASE Stop Talking About The $15.00/hr. Minimum Wage

Good evening everyone.  I'm all for everyone making a big pile of cash and being rich, but I'm past tired of hearing fast food workers demanding a minimum wage of $15.00 an hour.  The one OBVIOUS thing that almost everyone seems to not be saying regarding this topic is how prices would rise if the minimum wage was $15.00 an hour.  That wage would completely OBLITERATE the current profit margins.  Another almost guaranteed result of more-than-doubling the current minimum wage would be a reduction in the workforce.  You're not going to employ as many workers if you have to pay them more than twice as much as you were previously.  Also, if you raise the MINIMUM wage, you're going to have to raise the wages of the supervisors (and likely managers) who have been overseeing the work of the fry cooks, prep people, and cashiers. They're not going to want to do their jobs for the same $15.00 an hour as the employees working under them.  HOWEVER, I bet that the quality of service as fast-food establishments would increase tremendously if the minimum wage was increased, because SEVERAL of the people currently holding these jobs would likely lose them to much better educated and more motivated people who are currently not making $15.00 an hour themselves.  So PLEASE, can we stop talking about this people?

Have a good one, and I'll see you soon!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ranting Again

Good afternoon everyone.  After more than a seven-month hiatus, I'm back to start ranting again. Let's get you up to speed.  In February of this year, I decided to expand my writing from one blog to four.  My original blog Bikini Hill & The White Mountains, which by far is my oldest and has the most posts, was started as a "catch-all" blog, for lack of a better term.  I wrote about sports and poker and where I lived and my life experiences, and like this run-on sentence, 'Bikini Hill' became cluttered over time.  Back in February, I created Three Chips Poker for my poker content, and Coach's Parlay Card to broadcast my sports bets, primarily.  This blog was born so that I would have a place to come and rant (about sports primarily, but definitely not limited to that topic).  I wrote a few rants, and I'll speak to those in a minute, but shortly after I did so, I reconnected with my high school crush via facebook, and long story short, we spent a lot of time chatting online and over the phone, and this blog became less of a priority.  However, I've now moved halfway across the country, and back to my hometown to be closer to her, and I'm going to start writing more again, now that I've settled in.

When I was ranting here back in the late winter and early spring, I shared my thoughts on how ridiculous Jameis Winston sounded, saying that he would win the Super Bowl this year, on how I would have drafted Amari Cooper over Winston or Marcus Mariota in the NFL Draft, how ESPN ENDLESSLY talks about LeBron James WAY TOO MUCH, and how I thought that Kentucky was overhyped, playing in such a weak basketball conference, and that there was no way that they were going undefeated.  Looking back on those posts (which you can read in the archives), it seems that I was on a roll and that I should have never stopped ranting...  ;)  However, I am back to share my thoughts on the sports world and other topics that tweak my ire.  Stay tuned, as I'm sure to be posting often, because there is a seemingly infinite number of things that annoy me...  In the meantime, have a good one, and I'll see you soon!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Kentucky Chatter Continues

Good afternoon everyone.  I didn't think that I'd be covering this topic again here, but many in the media (and a lot of other people) are still singing Kentucky's praises, despite the fact that they struggled today against a less than spectacular Cincinnati team, IN KENTUCKY.  This season, Cincinnati lost by 12 to Mississippi, 21 against Virginia Commonwealth, 13 versus Memphis, 16 to Temple, and 13 today against Kentucky.  Yes, the Wildcats are OBVIOUSLY a dominant team...  PFFFTTT...  I'm really surprised by those who are ready to serve up the championship trophy to the Wildcats on a silver platter, and I'm beyond sick of hearing about how great this team is, but they'll be playing some people from here on out (regardless of whether "here on out" consists of 1, 2, 3, or 4 games).

Short rant today, that's it.  I threw Gonzaga in with this rant the last time that I touched on this topic, and the Zags had trouble pulling away from North Dakota State in their tourney opener, IN WASHINGTON, so I'm not even going to bother with them today...  :)  Have a great basketball weekend and I'll see you soon...

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Just Give Up And Die

Good evening everyone.  This is just a little rant about the end of the basketball game that I watched last night.  Texas Tech was playing Texas in the first round of the Big 12 Tournament, and Tech was down about 15 points with 4 minutes left to go.  As I watched the final four minutes play out, I was DUMBFOUNDED as Texas milked the 35-second shot clock on each possession, and the Red Raiders LET THEM DO IT.  Tech's only hope to earn a spot in this year's NCAA Tournament was probably winning the Big 12 Tourney and earning the conference's automatic bid. So naturally, the Red Raiders didn't press full-court, or half-court, or trap, or put a lot of pressure on the ball handler, or foul, or ANYTHING...  As I was trying to figure out the reasoning behind this "strategy" by Texas Tech, my mind went back to my coaching days.  If you were at a basketball game in Quinlan during the time when coaches like Coach Giles, Coach Ivy, and Coach Ellis were there, and the Panthers were down 15 with 4:00 left on the clock, I'm SURE that the aforementioned trio was saying, "well, it's over, let's just match up and watch them dribble the clock out..."  I'm sure that some of our players who went on to become coaches themselves (like Coburn, Billingsley, and Wallen) recall these exact words, and would indeed coach the same in a similar situation.  "We're down 15, and our season is over if we don't win this game in the final 4 minutes.  Meh..., let's just give up and die..."  WHAT WERE YOU DOING TEXAS TECH?!  Now understand that I work for the University of Texas at Austin and that I was rooting for the Longhorns, but the waning moments of that game just mystified me...  If your press gets beat or if your opponent sinks their free throws and you get beat by 25 or 30 instead of 12, WHO CARES?! If you lose by 1 or 12 or 25, you're not advancing to the second round in any of those scenarios, so why not try to WIN THE GAME?  I remember when I was coaching at a freshman girls tournament for Edna and I called consecutive timeouts in an attempt to win a high school tourney game. Despite all of my strategizing, my kids found a player wide open on the block, and she managed to hit a game-winning buzzer-beater.  Remember that Susan and Amy?  Shortly after that win, I heard the comment, "Coach Wyatt, I didn't know you could jump that high!"  :)  But what was I thinking? WHY was I trying to win a game at a freshman tournament when a major college is just laying down and rolling over with its the season on the line?  I KNOW that this was our philosophy when I arrived in San Marcos, and I'm sure that Casey, Courtney, Lorraine, and Mindy will attest to this fact...  "Fifteen-point deficit, four minutes left - forget about it.  We're not going to try.  Start untying those ankle braces and tell the driver to warm up the bus..."  Can you imagine???  :)  And I'm not going to run short of former Lady Rattlers that I can mention here - Ashley, Jackie, Jennifer, Jessica, Kari, Sandy, Stephanie, Trisha..., we would just pack it in and quit left and right, wouldn't we???  It was prevalent throughout our program.  PFFFTTT...  :)  In case you're wondering, I'm tagging a few people to this post on facebook, and unfortunately I don't have the ability to tag all of my former student-athletes and colleagues who deserve to see this nonsense and smile a little bit...  If I had to bet on it, I'd wager that the title of this facebook status (blog post) probably raised a few eyebrows, knowing that it was coming from me...  :)  Your only chance to extend your season is to make a comeback, and you don't even try??? Hmmm...

Thanks for humoring me tonight.  Have a good one, and I'll be back soon with something else to complain about...  ;)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Kentucky Is Going To Lose (& Gonzaga Will Too)

Good evening everyone.  There have been some topics in the last week that I could have ranted about (like if I really wanted to put some effort into it), but I think that tonight's is pretty easy.  A big debate recently (after Kentucky finished the regular season undefeated) is whether or not the Wildcats will go unbeaten this season.  NO...  I realize that Gonzaga is not undefeated, but I think that they're also overrated (much more than Kentucky actually).  The reason that I'm throwing the Zags into this conversation right now is that I have a little exercise for you to do.  Close your eyes (well, not really, or you wouldn't be able to read this).  Just picture the Wildcats and the Zags in your head.  Can you see them?  Okay..., now put each team in the ACC or the Big 12 conference.  Do you think that Kentucky would still be undefeated, playing either of those schedules?  Do you think that Gonzaga would still be considered a 1 or 2 seed, having to compete in either of those conferences?  With Kentucky having the SEC Tourney looming (and the Wildcats have had their struggles in a less than stellar SEC), plus the prospect of playing five pretty decent opponents (after their opener in the NCAA Tourney), I'm pretty confident that Kentucky will not go unbeaten this season (so much so that I'm writing this blog entry about it).  As for the Zags, they've struggled against several opponents in a FAR LESS THAN STELLAR West Coast Conference.  I would be pretty stunned if the Zags reached the 'Elite Eight' (which is where you'd expect 1/2 seeds to fall, on paper).

So go tell all your friends, Kentucky's youngsters are not going undefeated, and Gonzaga's hoopsters better enjoy the postseason while they can...  :)  Have a good one and I'll see you soon!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Phil Jackson & Storming The Court

Good evening everyone.  To start things off, I wanted to let all of you know that I decided to start two more blogs in an attempt to get some of the "clutter" out of 'Bikini Hill.'  When I began writing this blog last week, I said that it was by no means because 'Bikini Hill' was too small to hold all of my thoughts, but it sure can get cluttered with different topics (like the "rambles" that I used to write there, which Rob dearly misses, I"m sure)...  ;)  After thinking about it (and remembering how time-consuming it is to set up a new blog), I thought that I'd start another pair now, while the process was fresh in my mind.  It's a lot like my rationale for having multiple fantasy football teams in one season:  if I'm going to do all of that studying, I should have more than one team, right?  Anyway, my original blog is 'Bikini Hill, 6th, & The Strip' , and I've now added 'Coach's Parlay Card' and 'Three Chips Poker' to the mix.  I'll be moving my sports predictions and poker content to these new blogs.  For those of you who write blogs that I'm already linked to, I'm going to link this most recent pair to your sites over the weekend when I have more free time.

When I ranted about ESPN's coverage of LeBron James yesterday, my original intent was to talk about Phil Jackson.  At the "last second" I saw the link to the video of LeBron's son, and the rest is history.  If you haven't heard by now, Mr. Jackson thought that it would be best to use Twitter to take out his frustrations on the New York Knicks team that he is overseeing.  A man who has been involved in winning so many titles should be above going to the internet to communicate with players in his own organization.  Additionally, Jackson has played a part in putting together this non-competitive roster, so I really wish that he'd relax a little with the tweeting.

Today I was interested to see ESPN broach the topic of whether or not the NCAA should do anything about college basketball crowds storming the court after the completion of games (for safety reasons, etc...).  This interested me because stations like ESPN always make a big deal about it when an upset occurs and the college kids do in fact rush onto the floor.  Even the commentators for last night's Kansas/Kansas State game saw it coming and mentioned it before it happened.  Basically, my thought is don't make it seem glamorous by giving it tons of t.v. coverage (ESPN also opened SportsCenter by returning to the scene in Manhattan, Kansas), but then start questioning those in charge when it does occur.

Okay, that's all for tonight, but I'll see you soon...